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The Yoast SEO WordPress plugin is the latest and greatest WordPress tool to optimize user experiences. Get found faster online using eMagine Web Services’ SEO expertise. 

As of 2019, the number one SEO plugin on the market is Yoast. Since Google is the most crucial source of getting and keeping visitors on your website, having an SEO plugin that directly links with Google is essential. While social networks are one way for a site to get noticed, SEO is often the most critical factor for a site’s growth. Not following the correct SEO methods, or not doing SEO at all, can be quite harmful to your site’s performance. So, it’s no wonder that every WordPress website we design uses Yoast SEO.

What Yoast SEO Does for Your Website 

There’s a lot of technical terms when it comes to SEO: meta descriptions, rel=canonical, structured data. Don’t worry if these phrases confuse you. It’s our job to know what all these specialized terms mean and do. We offer you the best in SEO because Yoast provides a ton of hidden features programmed in the back-end of your website. It provides services such as self-reference canonicals, paginated archives with rel=next / rel=prev, and Noindex your internal search results. With these features, your site does not suffer from technical SEO issues. Instead, it becomes more searchable, which is what you want.  

Yoast SEO Plugin is Professionally Built & Maintained

Built by a team of professional developers, the Yoast SEO team of experts has reviewed thousands of websites. They’ve helped these websites grow, as you can see in some of their case studies. They use this knowledge to improve Yoast SEO continually.

Google is not a static web browsing service. Therefore, SEO experts follow every announcement from Google. They decide whether or not to make changes to the Yoast plugin or to keep it up to date. As Google does hundreds of algorithm updates every year, this is a continuous process. Yoast updates their plugin very regularly because of these changes.

In the past years, the number of web developers installing Yoast SEO has grown considerably. Many sites like SearchEngineLandThe Next Web, and the New Yorker use Yoast SEO. And did you know that NASA recommends you to use Yoast SEO?

Yoast Focuses on Content, Too!

The Yoast SEO WordPress plugin focuses a lot of their posts on how to write good content. Of course, technical SEO is of great importance, but the Yoast plugin already takes care of all that. What’s left for you is to hire an eMagine Web Services approved content writer to write and structure content that ranks and converts. Simple! We have highly-training content writers available for any type of topic. 

Yoast helps content writers make sure their content readable with the SEO and readability analysis. eMagine Web Services only hires the most talented and professional content writers. With Yoast SEO on their side, our content writers have the best SEO tool at their fingertips. Our content writers also specialize in site structure and internal linking. Get ready to have your content read over and over again.