Small business owners must learn now that eCommerce is taking over business.

The Current Economic Climate

With a pandemic going around, it’s no surprise that most of us are a little on edge. We are concerned more than ever about the economy and our livelihoods. We are even worried about things that we never thought we’d be. For example, will we have enough toilet paper to survive the COVID-19 quarantine? 

But without a little fear, perhaps we wouldn’t be motivated enough to adapt. And that’s what’s most important right now in this economic climate: what is your business willing to do to stay up-and-running? If you aren’t ready to take your business online, then you may be jeopardizing your company’s ability to remain open. 

Therefore, small business owners must learn now that eCommerce is taking over business. “U.S. e-commerce activity recently spiked 25% from earlier in March, as Americans hunkered down in the face of the rapid spread of the coronavirus, new data from Adobe shows,” reports Eric Savitz for Barron’s. 

If eCommerce intimidates you, you aren’t alone. 20th Century established small businesses have always thrived on their brick and mortal sales approach. But you may already be doing something that gives you an advantage. After all, in a time like this, we need friends in great places.

eCommerce Has Friends in Great Places

eCommerce has friends that are also emerging out of the recent pandemic. For instance, “Shop Local” and “Made in America” brands are sprouting up everywhere online. This means, Americans no longer have to visit their favorite USA vacation spot to get the goods that it has to offer. And who doesn’t want to support local and shop for American made products? The new normal is shopping local, but socially distancing online. 

Take advantage of the local pride and American spirit that is washing over our country.

One industry that is embracing eCommerce’s friends is museums. With American families being home now more than ever, museums are making learning possible by the click of a mouse. In fact, many museums in the USA are offering virtual tours as a way to survive the pandemic. However, I must ask: are they catching on to the idea that virtual gift stores could get them the sales they need right now? Imagine how they could benefit financially from this wave of virtual living by selling memorabilia online. Now imagine how your business could benefit, too! 

How to Get More Online Sales

Start with a Blog 

Since eCommerce is taking over business, you must start selling your products or services online. Therefore, start with a blog. Let your customers learn about your business and the type of products you sell. What is your story, and how are you helping others? Is your merchandise American made? Do you offer a service that you could turn into a product to help maintain your sales?

Although a blog doesn’t seem like a direct sales approach, you would be surprised how the blog gets more people finding your site and learning about your business. Optimizing your blog for content SEO is invaluable right now as more people search for products and services online. 

Sell American Made & Promote Shop Local

It is without a doubt that the brand that Americans are going for right now is American Made. In fact, eight out of ten Americans would prefer to purchase American made products over imported ones. However, be sure to read the former linked article so you know you are purchasing authentic American-made products.

Small business owners that

From In-Store Only to Online 

Are you willing to take your products online, but fear people will stop coming to your storefront? No matter what, if you keep your brand going, people will still come in for your services. For example, a salon in the Clearwater, Florida area offered their customers their exclusive hair dye. This way, customers wouldn’t have to wait too long to keep up with their roots. Typically, however, no salon in their right-business mind would chance to sell their one-of-a-kind hair dye to their consumers. After all, why would the customer need to go to the salon in the first place, right? But in a pandemic, the world starts to change, even in the smallest of places. So this salon is willing to risk selling its product online to maintain cash flow and a customer base. What are you ready to try to survive the changing times? 

Hire a Skilled Web Developer to Set Up Your eCommerce Site

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