At EMagine Web Services, we believe in the power of precision when it comes to website design. We consider several components when it comes to designing your website to perfection. Here are a few questions we ask our clients when it comes to Website Design, User Experience (UX) Design, Branding, and Web Hosting:

  • Is your website user-friendly and pleasing to the eye? 
  • Are you focusing your website design on your branding efforts to fulfill the goals you set for your company? 
  • Does your website provide a high-speed, secure experience for the user?

While these are not the only questions we ask, we feel that these are the type of questions we need to start designing your website to perfection. Continue reading to find out what other kinds of questions we ask to give you the best website possible. 

Designing Your Website to Perfection

But more importantly, everyone should be able to use your site. If accessibility is an issue, we can fix that. Contact us today! 

How does your #WebsiteDesgin make others feel? Yeah, you read that right. 

Ask yourself:

  • Are my users experiencing joy?
  • Do they like what they see?
  • Will they remember me?

#EmagineWebServices can help you with all the feels.

Perfect UX Design 

Before we begin designing your website, we want to make sure that you understand how vital UX design is. First, though, it’s critical that you know what UX Design is and how it can enhance your website, which is a type of product. According to the International Design Foundation, “User experience (UX) design is the process design teams use to create products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. This involves the design of the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product, including aspects of branding, design, usability, and function.” 

So, do you want your users to experience happiness? Of course, you do! UX is all about less frustration and more fun. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself about UX design for your website:

  • Is the color scheme of my website appealing to the eye?
  • Is the font scheme on my site easy to read? 
  • Are the buttons on my site visible enough for a solid call-to-action?

Need help answering these questions? Contact #EmagineWebServices today!

Your Brand’s Design

Your message must come across loud and clear. Consumers trust companies that have an eye-catching and professional-looking logo and brand. You could top the charts in a Google search, but shortly run dry if consumers don’t have confidence in your brand.

The design of your website should be on-brand and well-thought-out. 

We are all about setting our clients up for success the first time. We don’t waste our time—or your money—focused on details that don’t exist. 

Our team of expert branding specialists, content writers, and graphic designers are here to coach you through the process. Ask yourself:

Do you have a marketing or branding package that illustrates the essential key factors of your brand, such as:

  • a logo
  • consistent fonts and color schemes
  • and images that reflect your company’s message? 

While little victories are beneficial in the short term, we want to build a branding empire for your business. A reliable SEO branding package builds the foundation for the structure of your company. 

Website Hosting Perfection

In today’s world, security is everything. Ask whether or not your users feel safe using your website. If they don’t, this could significantly affect your online sales.

If your analytics are showing a high bounce rate, it could be because your website is functioning too slow. You won’t have a second chance for that first impression, so remember: everything starts with speed. 

EMagine Website Services offers safe and reliable website hosting so you can turn all those user searches into purchases for your company! 

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